Your specialist.

The rotating parts are fundamental components in our machines. This is why we have a specialist associated company to maintain them, S.TO.R.I., which was created to deliver the highest standards of specialist assistance.

S.TO.R.I., which has its headquarters in the same industrial area as Toscotec, offers customers a comprehensive rotating parts service ranging from balancing to full reconditioning of suction presses.

The range of services proposed by S.TO.R.I. includes:

  1. Full roll and press maintenance service
  2. Suction press reconditioning and spare parts
  3. Roll grinding
  4. Periodical checks on reduction gear and fan pumps
  5. Modifications to and the implementation of construction details
  6. Bearing inspection and control
  7. Roll coatings (through sub-suppliers)
  8. Vibrometer and non destructive (ND) tests

The company also offers made to measure services and a precision maintenance programme, with packages of services that include periodic overhauls performed at specialist units, in addition to rebalancing, grinding and reconditioning.

For even more comprehensive service, S.TO.R.I. doesn’t only provide assistance for Toscotec products, but also for rotating components manufactured by other suppliers.

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