In-depth machine check-ups.

Steel Yankee Dryers operate in highly stressful conditions. To monitor their conditions and maintain efficiency over time, Toscotec provides services based on periodic tests and specific measurements which include:
  • Metalization condition tests
  • Condensate removal system and Steel Yankee Dryer interior check-up
  • SYD condition testing by means of ultrasonic and magnetic controls
  • Ultrasonic test on the structural welds and bolts
  • Run-out measurement
  • Final reporting
  • Production data monitoring / measurement (optional)
  • Production temperature profile with contact thermometer and IR thermal imaging camera measurements (optional)
  • Steel Yankee Dryer diameter control both in hot and ambient temperature conditions (optional)
  • Doctoring system check-up (optional)
  • Warm-up procedure check-up (optional)
  • Steel Yankee Dryer steam circuit water parameter check-up (optional)
Standard action provides for two years’ time service package for standard size Steel Yankee Dryer’s and require:
  • 1 engineer
  • 1 NDT specialized engineer
  • 2 days work starting from cooled SYD
  • Activities Coordinated Engineer with Mill Safety Manager
Different Service Packages are available for helping you in keeping up with your Steel Yankee Dryer:
  • 6 years cover package including 3 planned services every 2 years
  • Customized service for problems detection
  • Vibration analysis and cylinder balancing
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