Mechanical Service Technician/Engineer




   Install and supervise tissue machine and auxiliary equipment installation

       •      Mechanically install, start and maintain large motors, pumps, valves, and rolls

       •      Supervise heavy crane lifts

       •      Direct erection contractors and check precision machine alignment

       •      Assembly/disassembly of precision components

      Install and supervise hydraulic and pneumatic system and components

       Install and supervise water and stock piping, components and equipment

       Support machine commissioning and start-up team in order to perform production tests and fine-tuning on paper machine in order to meet the customer’s technical specifications and optimizations

     Troubleshoot mechanical and related process issues and to propose alternative solutions/improvements

      Support training given to customer's team about proper maintenance procedures/best practices

       Write weekly and periodical reports to keep track of the job progress

       Approximately 70% annual travel throughout North America with occasional trips overseas

       Confined space work


      Strong mechanical aptitude

       Positive attitude, highly motivated, a strong desire to succeed

       Desire and ability to learn

       Ability to maintain professional attitude with customer and coworkers

       Ability to work occasional long hours in challenging environments (especially hot and humid conditions)

     Can require heavy lifting (tools) in mechanically hazardous environments

      Is self-directed and works well both alone or within teams

     Can manage a small maintenance or installation team

       Good communications skills, willingness to learn basic communication in foreign languages


       Position provides an engineering mentor and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to advance well beyond peers

      Limitless training opportunities        

     Benefits include:

        •      Fully paid health insurance including dental, vision, and disability

        •      401K with employer match

        •      Flexibility to occasionally work from home

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