Chinese C&S Paper Co. Ltd starts up new Toscotec Tissue Machine

On December 13 ,2010 a significant ceremony has been held in the headquarter of the Chinese C&S Paper Co. in Zhongshan city, Ltd to celebrate the successful start up of the new Toscotec tissue line in JangMen site (Guangdong province - Southern China). The new machine, with an output capacity of 70 tpd, came on stream at the beginning of November 2011 and is part of an ambitious expansion project of the company in the tissue industry in the incoming years.
C&S Paper Co. Ltd, established in 1979 with different company name, has recently entered the Chinese stock exchange market, and is the fourth tissue producers in China with 5 production sites located in different regions. The company yearly total production is higher than 200.000 tons. The company most recognized famous brands, among the others, are "C&S", "Clean&Soft" and "Sun".

Toscotec's supply included AHEAD 1.5M ES crescent former tissue machine with single-layer headbox and double press configuration, 16' Steel Yankee Dryer (TT SYD 16FT), machine auxiliaries, stock preparation plant for virgin pulp, electrification and control system.
The new machine is part of the innovative Toscotec ES line (Energy Saving), studied and designed for energy saving and high efficiency especially for the Chinese market being characterized by the low availability of natural gas. The new concept of the AHEAD 1.5 ES maximises the contribution of the large diameter Steel Yankee Dryer to the drying process and guarantees the highest evaporation at the lowest energy consumption.
Since few days after the start up the machine has demonstrated its capability to reach the target both in terms of consumptions reduction and production output. The two teams from C&S and from Toscotec have been worked strictly together with a fruitful cooperation during the project development and the start up phases in order to meet the timing and quality targets of this new installation.