Chinese Vinda LTD boosts its capacity with several repeated orders to Toscotec S.p.A.

In the last two years, the close partnership between the Hong Kong based giant tissue producer Vinda International Holdings Ltd's and the Italian leader tissue machinery Supplier Toscotec S.p.A., has delivered exceptional results: over 20 new TMs have been started up with a variety of models and drying configurations. This allowed the Vinda Group to double its production capacity reaching over 900,000 tpy tissue production.

Established in 1985, Vinda Group has grown from a small private company into a leading manufacturer and branded provider of quality household paper products in the PRC and Hong Kong. Vinda is today, with major shares from Swedish based group SCA, the third largest hygiene paper manufacturer in the PRC, with excellent performance in customer loyalty and satisfaction. With 9 manufacturing plants strategically located in different parts of the country, it serves the entire PRC, Hong Kong and Macau and exports to Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Africa.

The first orders placed by the Chinese producer in year 2012 featured Toscotec’s Modulo Plus ES, with 12 ft TT SYD, a compact, modular and cost-effective machine concept with superior energy saving features. The most recent orders were for Toscotec’s advanced, high-performance tissue machines, the Ahead 2.0 ES, with 18 ft SYD.

The key to this continuous success is represented by the great advantages in energy savings granted by Toscotec’s state of the art technology and its “TT DOES” solution, the Drying Optimization for Energy Saving.
TT DOES relies here, like in most of the orders secured to the Italian Supplier in China, exclusively on steam, the cost-effective energy source in the region, and delivers the lowest possible energy consumption.
Through the wide application and fine tuning of this solution over the years, Toscotec has now achieved the lowest consumption figures of the tissue industry, matched with the highest machine performance and runnability.
The increase in drying capacity translates directly into an increase in production output in the mill with an important side effect to reduce carbon footprint emissions.

In China since 2003, in a few years Toscotec has established itself as a leading tissue machine supplier catering to top Chinese producers. This is also the result of the recent investment effort and major steps taken by the Lucca manufacturer in establishing a new organization in China, Toscotec Paper Machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Started up in 2012, the Shanghai-based affiliate operates as Toscotec’s Sales & Customer Care Center for the entire Asian market.