It’s Tissue

It’s Tissue is just over and Toscotec had the pleasure to welcome more than 220 customers to experience its “touchable technology”.
A unique opportunity, an immersion into Toscotec design and manufacturing world for a first-hand experience of the technological innovation, manufacturing, quality and services, behind the simple side of a tissue industry’s leading equipment supplier.
“Know how” and “experience” are the main concepts Toscotec wanted to convey to its prestigious guests through a long guided tour along its facilities. The customers, accompanied by handsome engineers, were able to directly view the top level metalworking technologies, both for the tissue line construction and in particular for the manufacturing and assembly of the TT SYD (Toscotec Steel Yankee Dryer).
“Comprehensive solutions and rebuild projects” was the title of the second session of Toscotec tour experience. The customized design of the supplied equipment, focused on the real customer needs, even when they’re about to upgrade existing machines, guarantees the total fruition of the solution.
Toscotec experience bears out its main guidelines: understanding actual clients production goals, following the customer since the technical definition phase in order to deliver a fully integrated plant, proposing the Best Advanced Technologies involved, focusing on the product quality and energy savings.
Toscotec is leader in supplying worldwide turnkey tissue projects, designed according to production priorities and local constrains, especially in terms of available energy sources. During It’s Tissue week, Toscotec showed its most recent turnkey project  to be delivered to its client “Petrocart (Romania)” which will be started up on next January . Each customer could directly appreciate all the plant design peculiarities, from the new approach flow system TT SAF (Short Approach Flow, Toscotec proprietary machinery) to the most recent TT rewinders: a leading solution to reduce investment and space and maximizing savings.
Finally the guests had the opportunity to assist to the new integrated dry solution presentation: TT DOES! A new modular approach to efficiency, available both for plant rebuilds and for new production lines, combining the application of the last technology developments of the TT Pressing System (including TT XPress, the new Toscotec Extended Nip Press Solution), the Second Generation of TT SYD and the low carbon footprint Milltech Yankee Hood. A drying optimization for the highest quality tissue using less energy.
Below the complete photo gallery.
Toscotec would like to thank all the customers for coming and hopes to see you again in 2016 for the next edition of It’s Tissue, The Italian Technology Experience.