New Milltech Yankee Hood and Air System for Wepa Cassino tissue mill

cLucca, November 18, 2013 – Milltech, the Lucca-based supplier of advanced solutions for drying to the tissue and paper industry, owned by Toscotec, started up a new SMART-eMT Yankee Hood complete with Air system and Heat Recovery, at Wepa Cassino tissue mill in August 2013.
This investment allows Wepa to achieve significant improvements in production and consumption, while offering the best solution for a safe, quick installation within the existing machine.
The SMART-eMT Yankee Hood, designed in accordance  with the best available technologies, uses multiple heat recovery stages to recover exhaust energy. With this important new upgrade the Cassino mill can now optimize the production cycle and achieve a real improvement in paper quality, while decreasing energy consumption and environmental impact.
Wepa Cassino is located in the Centre of Italy, close to Rome; it is part of Wepa Group -  a leading company in tissue manufacture. The mill is an important and modern facility, which is completely integrated with a 5600 mm width tissue machine, converting lines and automatic storage system. Its capacity is more than 60.000 t/year.
Milltech, which has formed part of the Toscotec group since 2012, specializes in machine hoods, dust extraction systems, Yankee steam and condensate systems and energy recovery. Its main purpose is to maximize the use of modern technology to minimize energy consumption throughout the drying process. Milltech's keen eye for customer service and expectations, is in the tradition of all Toscotec companies.