Toscotec partners with Enginsoft to step up the customization of its design solutions using ANSYS software.

Toscotec is actively cooperating with Enginsoft, official dealer and Elite Channel Partner of ANSYS structural analysis software in Italy, to develop some of the most advanced mechanical features of its design suite.


Headquartered in the U.S., ANSYS is global leader in the development of FEM analysis software. Enginsoft is ANSYS’s main Italian distributor and offers technical assistance and engineering consulting services, as well as tailor-made training programs on ANSYS software. 


On June 4, Enginsoft organized the annual ANSYS Mechanical Council meeting, where Toscotec was invited to share its ANSYS experience and to propose a number of implementations aimed to add new tools for customized design. Based on its substantial experience as advanced user, Toscotec is providing recommendations for the improvement of ANSYS software.


Toscotec’s trademark as tissue and P&B machinery manufacturer is design customization. Through this partnership, Toscotec aims to strengthen its design efficiency, based on the most advanced available tools. The high degree of customization that the Italian supplier offers on all its plants, particularly turnkey supplies based on local manufacturing standards and rebuilds, will benefit from ANSYS’s state-of-the-art tools. By maximizing the degree to which engineering design can go into details, it will increase the efficiency and reliability of Toscotec’s tailor-made design and optimize its products, to ensure that both the machinery and the process design meet the paper mill’s needs.