iT's tissue! 2015 - Toscotec presents a world preview of the solution with the lowest energy consumption for high speed tissue machines.

The new PRODERGY is the first tissue machine that unites top performance in terms of production and end product quality with maximum energy efficiency, as a result of the special configuration of the drying section. We know full well that competitiveness means business results and for us every machine is like an athlete’s body: a complex system that has to achieve the best possible performance in order to deliver a real competitive edge in the marketplace.

PRODERGY is unique because of its integrated Toscotec-Milltech drying technology, which achieves the maximum possible synergy between Yankee conduction and hood convection, both designed to meet the specific needs of paper mills, with a special focus on the cost and availability of local energy resources.

PRODERGY has a table width of 5,600 mm and an operating speed of 2,000 mpm. It is fitted with a steam hood and the biggest steel Yankee dryer ever built for tissue paper production. Toscotec, the inventor of Steel Yankee Dryer technology and a global leader in its application, today produces the  units with the largest diameter and table width, significantly improving the production capacity of the entire plant.

PRODERGY extends the AHEAD 2.0 line of tissue machines, the company’s best-of-breed range which represents the state-of-the-art for Toscotec technology, designed to satisfy all production needs in terms of both the type of raw materials used and the quality of the end product.

A flexible design with tailor made solutions, plus over 65 years’ experience delivering turnkey projects and refurbishing existing lines, make Toscotec the leading supplier of tissue machines on the world market.

The Toscotec Open Week provides a unique opportunity and the best way to find out first hand about our world, where know-how, maximum production efficiency, reduced consumption and costs, and the highest finished product quality are our answer to the needs of today’s market and our new point of departure, each and every day.

iT's tissue! 2015, Lucca, 21 - 28 June. Register you attendance at http://registration.itstissue.com/