Toscotec Steel Yankee outperforms guarantees at Sca NY

South Glens Falls, NY, USA – August 20, 2014. SCA started their new Toscotec Steel Yankee Dryer on PM #11 in South Glens Falls. The replacement Steel Yankee was producing sellable paper several hours prior to the scheduled start up.

SCA purchased the 12’ Model TT SYD to replace a damaged plane bore cast iron yankee. 

With the upgrade to Toscotec’s Steel Yankee Dryer Technology, SCA is expected to increase their steam condensate flow by more than 40%. On the 1st  day of production, SCA surpassed the condensate flow guarantee and further reduced the temperature in the hoods allowing for the reduction in natural gas consumption.

Drying on the Steel Yankee is more efficient than drying with an hood, maximizing the condensate flow is the goal reached by Toscotec Engineering.

With the added drying capacity from the Toscotec Steel Yankee Dryer, SCA is also expected to increase production capacity on PM #11.

“We are impressed with Toscotec’s technology and quality of design. Toscotec demonstrated their years of start-up experience with Steel Yankee installations as the project was installed on schedule and surpassed our expectations with their startup process”, said Mark Phiscator, Director of Engineering for SCA North America.

Based in Lucca (Italy) Toscotec is a global supplier for machinery and services for the tissue industry. It operates in NA & Canada thru its affiliate Toscotec North America, located in Green Bay , that provides services in the territory.