TT NextPress. Beyond the standard. Behind your success.

Following the extraordinary results in terms of performance and energy savings measured on Toscotec’ shoepress installations on paper & board machines, TT NextPress marks a new milestone for the dry section in tissue machines.

Flexibility and profile control uniformity.
 The shoepress module is comprised of an aluminum runner block and two rows of hydraulic pistons whose number and distance is such as to make linear pressure control along the cylinder surface precise. This makes the runner blocks’ pressure totally controllable and continuous also along the edges of the Yankee dryer, experimentally validated through operational data showing that – contrary to other technologies – this pressing system guarantees perfect adaptability to the Yankees’ crown profiles.

Reduction of fiber quantities and increment in product quality. By controlling tilt, the curve’s profile can be optimized and hence also the balance between nip load and peak point, maximizing dewatering and preserving bulk for higher product quality. Measured bulk increments vary between 5 and 15% in relation to working conditions, grammage and other process parameters. This increment translates into the possibility to reduce grammage, and hence the amount of fibers used, at the same final product characteristics.

Optimal CD and edge pressure management.
 Pressure profile uniformity allows obtaining significantly homogeneous wet profiles with average 2-s deviations included between 0.3 and 0.5% along the entire format width.

Savings on energy consumption.
 The application of TT NextPress allows attaining high drying levels compared to a conventional press, and this translates into energy savings. Below are gas consumption values measured at the same grammage and speed, at the same working conditions. 

By increasing the nip load up to 150 kN/m we can calculate an energy savings of 20-25%.