TT CouchRoll objective is giving the final dewatering effect of the paper leaving the wet end.

The dewatering effect is achieved by means of high vacuum level inside the roll, which removes water from the web and then releases the water to the couch pan. The standard design incorporates a single internal suction chamber but, according to the Customer’s requirements, it can be designed also with two sectors.

The TT CouchRoll shell can be either supplied in bronze or stainless steel, rubber covered or not, depending on the needs.

Particular attention is given to the drilling pattern, designed in order to maximize the dewatering effect, but at the same time minimizing the noise in the vicinity of the machine.

Latest design includes, as an option, the possibility to manufacture the TT CouchRoll without internal bearing, or with the internal bearing extractable together with the suction box, for easy maintenance

Technical Specification

Shell material Bronze or Stainless steel
Shell cover Option
Drive shaft Option
Vacuum sectors 1 or 2
Vacuum level 65 kPa
Adjustable suction width Yes
Blowing detaching trims device Option
Accessories Double doctor
Water tray
External HP cleaning shower