This forming unit for the production of multi-layer paper and board is able to combine the attractive cost of forming cylinders with a maximum operating speed of 250 m/min, and it can be fitted to almost any existing mould cylinder, with or without vacuum extraction.

With TT PressureFormer equipment the sheet is formed under pressure under the lid and at the exit is already fully formed. The operation is very simple and the parameters to operate with are minimal, thus resulting and a very easy to manage equipment.

The specific configuration of this unit provides optimal control of drainage, dewatering and formation, which improves fiber orientation while maintaining very simple operation. TT PressureFormer allows a wide range of operating consistency and of CD/MD ratio in the finished product.

Technical Specification

Basis weight range Up to 120 g/m2
Speed Up to 250 m/min
Consistency range 0.3 % - 1.5 %
Main production quality characteristic Improved sheet formation
Improved sheet smoothness
Very good basis weight profile
Very good ply bond
Paper grades applications Folding boxboard (coated or uncoated)
Double lined folding boxboard (food packaging)
Test liner
Chipboard (heavy packaging)
Tube board
Shoe lining board