The TT ShortFormer can be seen as a mini fourdrinier section. Toscotec dedicated the developing of this equipment to fulfill the needs of those customer that would improve the production of a mould cylinder section.

TT ShortFormer target operating speed is 400 m/min and the goal could be achieved with a reduced investment compared to conventional fourdrinier sections. TT ShortFormer operates under the felt (like mould cylinders section) but the sheet formation process take place on a wire (like a fourdrinier section).

The global layout is composed by an hydraulic headbox , a multi sector forming board with increasing levels of vacuum and a mould cylinder.

The TT ShortFormer allows an optimal control of CD/MD ratio and an improved dilution control for the uniformity of the CMD profile can be supplied as an option.

Thanks to a compact design, a small impact installation and a basic operation, TT ShortFormer is the ideal unit for revamping of existing paper machines.

Technical Specification

Headbox type Hydraulic
Layers 1
Dilution control Option
Diffuser Step type, HD polyethylene block
Flow separation Option
Material AISI 304 or AISI 316L (parts in contact with stock in AISI 316L)
Operating speed range Up to approx. 4000 mpm
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