The ever growing demand for higher quality products and the need to operate at higher production speeds, are among the key factors that inspired Toscotec’s current range of pope reels. The TT Reel is the optimum solution for modern paper machine.

TT Reel is composed by primary arms, hydraulically controlled secondary arms that assure the right reel contact and control during all the reel growing process, and a reel store station.

Thanks to the technologies applied, it is possible substantially to increase process efficiency thanks to an improved paper passage system and reel change procedure as well as to enhance the quality of finished products thanks to precise control of nip load in all reel winding phases.

The use of dedicated control system let all the operation being automatic and safe.

As an option, TT Reel could include an automatic reel spool loading system and an automatic facility to store the finished reels and load them on the rewinder.