Toscotec TT Transfer is the ultimate solution for tail threading when the distance to be covered by the tail is important.

The base concept of the unit is to catch the tail coming from the previous section, stabilizing it against a wire by means of a vacuum effect and deliver the tail to the final point by means of the rotational moment of the wire, that act like a transfer belt. In this way the path of the tail is very repeatable as it is given just by the wire length.

TT Transfer solution could be used in different parts of the machine, such as size press sections, calender, and pope tail feedings.

Where space is a constrain, TT Transfer can be movable and pivoting having a tail threading position and a rest position, the latter of which minimize the space required.

Previous TT Ripper and eventually end TT AirVessel complete the solution.

TT Transfer is the Toscotec answer for the highest Customer expectations in terms of tail feeding systems.

Technical Specification

Speed Suitable for any machine speed
Installation layout Fixed or Pivoting
Installation area Size, Calender, QCS, Pope
Transferring type Vacuum
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