Suitable to work both with virgin pulp and recycled paper, the TT HighDensityCleaner is designed to reliably remove heavy contaminants from pulp suspensions at consistencies up to 6% in order to clean the stock and protect against wear the machines downstream in the process.
The inlet head geometry has been studied in order to have high turbulence and the contaminants separation is assured by the centrifugal forces created as the pulp rotates inside the cleaner. The cone top part is made in stainless steel to assure a long life while the cone bottom part can be manufactured, for virgin pulp applications, in a transparent composite that resists to wear but allows to see the internal vortex or, for the dirtiest pulps, in stainless steel with optional ceramic lining. Also in this second case, the cone is provided with transparent inspection windows to check the vortex. All wet parts are made in stainless steel, eventually except the bottom cone.

Additionally, the heavy rejects trap is provided with sight glasses. These features, together with the rotor-less concept, make the TT HighDensityCleaner very easy to operate and quick to maintain. Moreover the fiber losses are minimized thanks to the reject trap design.

The TT HighDensityCleaner is supplied complete of a robust installation stand and all the valves necessary to operate and accurately regulate the water flow. If installed as first cleaner of a two stage system, it can be designed to have a continuous reject flow; if applied as single stage or second cleaner, it is equipped with a trap that in automatic mode periodically discharges the rejects through a specially designed gate valve.

Technical Specification

TT HighDensityCleaner Hydraulic flow rate Stock consistency Differential pressure
HDC400 400 l/min 3 - 6 % 1.0 bar
HDC800 800 l/min 3 - 6 % 1.0 bar
HDC1200 1200 l/min 3 - 6 % 1.0 bar
HDC1600 1600 l/min 3 - 6 % 1.0 bar
HDC2000 2000 l/min 3 - 6 % 1.0 bar
HDC3000 3000 l/min 3 - 6 % 1.0 bar