The TT TurboSeparator is installed in waste paper stock preparation lines as primary screen to treat the accept stream of the TT Pulper. The stock is axially fed to the unit, under controlled pressure conditions, through the central feeding header which includes also the TT TurboSeparator light rejects discharge pipe and, eventually, the accept stream pipe of the high density cleaner located downstream. The impeller forces the accepted fibers through the filtering plate while the contaminants are separated and discharged from the vat: the light contaminants through the axial header and the heavy rejects through a peripheral pipe.

The TT TurboSeparator is generally followed by secondary cleaning machines to recover fibers from the light rejects and by a high density cleaner for the further treatment of the heavy contaminants. The vat wear resistant internal lining and the hard facing on rotor edges, that assure a longer service life, are other main features of this unit.

The TT TurboSeparator is a versatile machine that can be designed in order to comply with various production and stock quality requirements.

Technical Specification

TT TurboSeparator Conical hole diameter Max hydraulic capacity Working consistency Installed power
TMC 3F 2 - 3 mm 1640 l/min 3.5 - 4.5 % 45 kW
TMC 5F 2 - 3 mm 2020 l/min 3.5 - 4.5 % 55 kW
TMC 8.5F 2 - 3 mm 2750 l/min 3.5 - 4.5 % 90 kW