The TT VibratingScreen can be used as final stage for fibre recovery after cleaning units such as vortiscreens, superscreens and pressure screens. The unit is completely manufactured in stainless steel and it is equipped with an electro-vibrator installed on the filtering vat. The vibration frequency can be adjusted by changing the position of the eccentric masses.

On the TT VibratingScreen it is possible to fit a wide range of screening plates with different holes and characteristics in order to comply with all the possible operating conditions. To optimize the fiber recovery effect and keep the plate clean, a shower is provided on the unit.

Technical Specification

TT VibratingScreen Filtering surface Conical hole diameter Max hydraulic capacity Installed power
V1V 1 m² 2 - 5 mm 700 l/min 1.2 kW
V2V 2 m² 2 - 5 mm 1400 l/min 1.2 kW