The TT BrokePulper is designed to be installed under machine both in tissue and paper and board applications.

The vat dimensions, the rotor number and position and the showers location and flow rates are chosen in order to guarantee under any circumstance a reliable pulping according to paper grade, machine width and speed, using the space available in the most efficient way. The propeller group can be installed both on stainless steel and concrete vats and two units can be placed on the same vat. The rotor forces the stock to pass through the drilled plate into the collecting vat from which the discharge pump sucks, feeding the pulp back to the stock preparation system. Rotor and vat shape are designed in order to optimize the fluid dynamics thus minimizing the absorbed power. The slushing efficiency of the TT BrokePulper is so high that no deflaker is needed downstream, even when producing wet strength paper.

The TT BrokePulper is automatically controlled to have continuous operation both in trims and in sheet break circumstances by adjusting the stock level and consistency in the vat and the discharge pump flow rate. The drive system can include also a gearbox in place of the more common belts and pulleys arrangement. Existing under machine pulpers can be upgraded by retrofitting the MBP pulper rotor to meet increased process requirements.

Technical Specification

TT BrokePulper Production for p&b, at fourdrinier, per single rotor Production for p&b, at press, per single rotor Production for p&b, at dry end per single rotor Production for tissue per single rotor Installed power Standard drive system
MBP55 400 ton/day 150 ton/day 80 ton/day 75 ton/day 37-55 kW Pulleys
MBP75 550 ton/day 240 ton/day 130 ton/day 125 ton/day 75-90 kW Pulleys
MBP110 790 ton/day 350 ton/day 190 ton/day 180 ton/day 110-132 kW Pulleys
MBP160 n.a. 530 ton/day 280 ton/day n.a. 160-200 kW Pulleys/Gearbox
MBP250 n.a. 840 ton/day 445 ton/day n.a. 250-315 kW Gearbox