Suitable to work both with virgin pulp, recycled paper and paper machine or converting broke in the stock preparation, the TT Pulper is designed to perform an extremely efficient and low energy slushing. The configuration of the vat and the shape of the rotor optimize the pulping effect on fibers at 5 to 9% consistency, assuring an extraordinarily good fiber circulation within the vat which can be therefore reduced in volume. The rotor, that is vertically adjustable, is manufactured in a special stainless steel highly resistant to abrasion and corrosion and has bottom foils to keep the filtering plate clean.The shaft sealing can be provided with stuffing box and mechanical seal.

The TT Pulper is operated either in batch or on a continuous mode and can be equipped with a secondary pulper (TT VortiScreen-VS1 and/or TT RotatingScreen) in case of recycled paper usage.

Accessories, such as the heavy reject trap and the discharge door, can be fit on the unit depending on the application. In addition, for the larger sizes of the TT Pulper, the drive system includes an orthogonal gearbox rather than the traditional V-belts and pulleys. In all its configurations, the TT Pulper features reliability and ease of maintenance. Existing pulpers can be upgraded by retrofitting the pulper rotor to meet increased process requirements.

Technical Specification

TT Pulper Vat net volume Production for tissue Installed power Standard drive system
VP8 8 m³ 40 ton/day 70-90 kW Pulleys
VP12 12 m³ 60 ton/day 110-132 kW Pulleys
VP16 16 m³ 80 ton/day 132-160 kW Pulleys
VP20 20 m³ 100 ton/day 160-200 kW Pulleys
VP25 25 m³ 125 ton/day 200-250 kW Pulleys
VP32 32 m³ 160 ton/day 250-315 kW Pulleys
VP45 45 m³ 225 ton/day 355-400 kW Gearbox
VP60 60 m³ 300 ton/day 450-500 kW Gearbox
VP80 80 m³ 400 ton/day 630-710 kW Gearbox
TM8 8 m³ 90 ton/day 75-90 kW Pulleys
TM12 12 m³ 130 ton/day 110-132 kW Pulleys
TM20 20 m³ 220 ton/day 160-200 kW Pulleys
TM32 32 m³ 350 ton/day 250-315 kW Pulleys
TM45 45 m³ 500 ton/day 355-400 kW Gearbox
TM60 60 m³ 660 ton/day 450-500 kW Gearbox
TM80 80 m³ 890 ton/day 630-710 kW Gearbox

* referred to a single press configuration and 15gsm at pope reel with 15% crepe ratio