The TT VortiScreen-VS1 is used in waste paper stock preparation plants mainly for the cleaning of the TM Pulpers but also for the treatment of the stock in line. Thanks to its characteristics, this unit performs an efficient fiber recovery.

The TT VortiScreen-VS1 is designed to work in batch and can be supplied complete of all the valves necessary to automatically manage the working and cleaning/discharge cycles. The stock is axially fed to the unit through the central feeding pipe. The impeller forces the accepted fibres through the filtering plate. The contaminants are accumulated in the vat and are discharged to eventual downstream equipment (Rotating Screen) for reject de-watering.

Thanks to its pumping effect, no pump is required to feed or discharge the TT VortiScreen-VS1. In order to optimize the performance of the TT VortiScreen-VS1, once the correct equipment size has been chosen in accordance to the quality of the processed waste paper, it is possible to set the duration of each sequence phase.