TT Milltech-SMYH / Smart Hood with high level heat recovery

A typical Smart Hood circuit is a Duosystem Cascade type with the following equipment:

  • - 2 Burners: one for each half-hood and complete with local control panel
  • - 2 Combustion air fans: to feed the combustion air to the burners
  • - 2 Supply air fans: to recirculate the hot air to the wet end and dry end burners
  • - 1 Exhaust air fan: to remove the exhaust air and water from the wet end side to the atmosphere
  • - 1 Heat recovery steam generator
  • - 1 Air/Air-heat exchanger: to preheat the fresh air with exhaust air before entering the burners
  • - 1 Air/water indirect type heat exchanger for heating and ventilation system
  • - 1 Air/water scrubber for process water heating

There may be several heat recovery stages: air-water and/or air- steam, depending on the machine’s working conditions.