For many years crescent former technology has been the most widespread in the world of tissue production, featuring an efficient, basic design that guarantees top quality and softness standards for finished products. 

The goal of Toscotec is to offer its customers highly specialised and customised technology solutions covering the widest ranges of grades and production capacities.

To do this Toscotec proposes a broad range of advanced tissue machines, organised in two families: 

  • MODULO: compact, modular tissue machines.
  • AHEAD: high speed tissue machines.

Toscotec also offers TADVISION, the technology solution designed for all Customers who want maximum softness and plushness for their product.

The table relects performances of standard single press configuration. Each Toscotec tissue machine is designed to Customer specifications.
Max operating speed Net sheet width Max drying capacity
MODULO 1000 mpm 2850 mm up to 50* tpd
MODULO-PLUS 1600 mpm 2850 mm up to 75* tpd
AHEAD-1.5S 1800 mpm 2850 mm up to 90* tpd
AHEAD-1.5M 1600 mpm 3600 mm up to 105* tpd
AHEAD-2.0S 2000 mpm 2850 mm up to 120* tpd
AHEAD-2.0M 2000 mpm 3600 mm up to 145* tpd
AHEAD-2.0L 2000 mpm 5600 mm up to 240* tpd
AHEAD-2.0L PRODERGY 2000 mpm up to 5600 mm up to 240** tpd
TADVISION-S 1500 mpm up to 2750 mm up to 120* tpd
TADVISION-L 1500 mpm up to 5600 mm up to 240* tpd

*referred to a single press configuration. Other different design configurations are available.
** the tissue machine is fitted with a Steam Heated Hood and TT SYD-22FT.