The new PRODERGY is the first tissue machine that combines top performance in terms of production and end product quality with maximum energy efficiency, as a result of the special design of the drying section.
It is fitted with a Steam Hood and the biggest Steel Yankee Dryer ever built for tissue paper production.

The PRODERGY consists of a five roll cantilevered Crescent Former with a ø 1540 mm forming roll,a multilayered headbox (TT Headbox-MLT), an hydraulically loaded cantilevered double presses section, a Steel Yankee Dryer TT SYD-22FT (6705 mm) working at max 10 bar (g), hydraulic pope reel type TT Reel-H+ featuring linear secondary arms with reel diameter of 3000 mm and a Milltech steam heated hood. An alternative upgraded solution of PRODERGY can include the new Toscotec shoe press (TT-XPress), a version of pope Reel-H+ featuring spool drive assist and enhanced automatic reel spools magazine.

PRODERGY extends the 2.0 line of tissue machines, the company’s best-of-breed range which represents the state-of-the-art for Toscotec technology, designed to satisfy all production needs in terms of both the type of raw materials used and the quality of the end product.

Thanks to its integrated drying technology, it achieves the maximum possible energy between Yankee conduction and Hood convection.

Technical Specification

Net sheet width Basis weight on reel Crepe Design speed Max operating speed Max drying capacity Yankee size
up to 5600 mm / 220.5 inch 12-40 g/m² 10-25 % 2200 mpm 2000 mpm up to 240* tpd TT SYD-22FT

*Tissue machine fitted with a Steam Heated Hood and TT SYD-22FT