The AHEAD-2.0L standard unit consists of a five roll cantilevered Crescent Former with a ø 1540 mm forming roll, a multilayered headbox (TT Headbox-MLT), an hydraulically loaded cantilevered press section TT SuctionPressRoll-SPR1200, ø 825 mm rolls, a Steel Yankee Dryer TT SYD-16FT (4876 mm) working at max 10 bar(g), hydraulic Pope reel type TT Reel-H with max reel diameter up to 3000 mm and a Duo-system gas fired hood by Milltech. An alternative upgraded solution of AHEAD-2.0L can include the multilayered headbox (TT Headbox-MLT) with Dilution System option, the hydraulically loaded large diameter press roll TT SuctionPressRoll-SPR1425, an advanced hydraulic Pope reel type TT Reel-H+ featuring linear secondary arms, spool drive assist and enhanced automatic reel spools magazine.

Authomatic shaft puller installation for jumbo rolls is available too.

Also we offer solutions with larger Steel Yankee Dryer TT SYD-18FT, 20FT, 22FT and Steam Heated Hood (PRODERGY configuration)

Technical Specification

Net sheet width Basis weight on reel Crepe Design speed Max operating speed Max drying capacity Yankee size
up to 5600 mm / 220.5 inch 12-40 g/m² 10-25 % 2200 mpm 2000 mpm up to 240* tdp TT SYD-16FT

*referred to a single press configuration