Burners Service Contract.


Burners are at the core of the hood and air system plant. Their perfect fine-tuning is linked to crucial aspects of the paper machine, such as production efficiency and energy savings. 

For this reason, in order to achieve a higher production output with the lowest possible energy consumption, it is key that burners perform at their best. To this end, Toscotec recommends to enter into a preventive ordinary maintenance contract, aimed to perform routine inspections and to fine-tune settings under normal operating conditions.

Main targets:

  • Optimization and check of the burner’s settings and its combustion, in order to reduce gas consumption and emissions (NOx – Co).
  • Improve production efficiency.
  • Achieve and maintain the equipment’s top performance.
  • Maximise time between failures.
  • Reduce downtime to a minimum.
  • Install spare parts.


Here follows a list of the checks that Toscotec’s technician normally executes during this service:

  • Visual check of the general status and integrity of the system.
  • Visual check of the status and integrity of the burner.
  • Visual check and cleaning of the gas filter.
  • Visual check and cleaning of the spark plug.
  • Visual check and cleaning of the flame detection sensors.
  • Valve control equipment test.
  • Check regulation valve and pressure reducer.
  • Check the settings of the main gas stabilizer.
  • Check gas valve servomotor.
  • Check the burner ignition test.
  • Turn burner on idle.
  • Check and adjust all pressure switches.
  • Maximum temperature alarm functionality test.
  • Check the gas working pressure.
  • Check the differential pressure of the combustion air to the burner.
  • Check the differential pressure of the gas to the burner.
  • Check and optimize the combustion under working conditions.
  • Install spare parts, if required.
  • Provide the list of necessary spare parts, if needed.