Steel Yankee Dryers Service - Toscotec INFINITELife Program


Regular maintenance, inspections and periodic checks are all crucial to guarantee the maximum performance of the Steel Yankee Dryer.

TOSCOTEC INFINITELife Program provides dedicated and specialized services to ensure Yankee Dryers’ optimal performance over time and their endless life, as well as prevents damaging the surrounding equipment. Toscotec, as pioneer in the manufacturing of Steel Yankee Dryers, offers a professional and experienced service network, to support and improve the operation of Steel Yankee Dryers.



  • Visual Inspection of the Metalized Coated Surface.
    A scratch on the metalized coating can turn out to be a serious impairment to the run-ability of the SYD. A rapid repair can save the entire thermal coating of the Yankee. “Spot repair” is a simple technique, which is fit for application in such cases. Signs of chatter marks can be a symptom of a number of possible problems on the paper machine, including Yankee doctors’ vibration, frame vibration resonance, incorrect chemical coating application or process parameters.

  • SYD Internal Inspection and Condensate Removal System Check.
    The correct clean out of the soda straws from the bottom of the grooves inside the Yankee is important to keep a good paper moisture profile. Toscotec’s team checks the soda straw one by one, along with their blocking clips. They inspect the inside of the straws to check for the presence of magnetite build-up. The periodic check of all the sealing of the condensate removal pipes prevents the reduction of the heat transfer efficiency of the Yankee. Toscotec’s team also checks the status of pipes, bolts, safety wires and seals in each joint.

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For safety requirements as well as compliance with pressure vessel regulations implemented by local authorities and possibly insurance needs, Toscotec recommends the inspection service of the structural welds and connecting bolts, applying the following Non Destructive Examination (NDE) methods, compliant with the main Pressure Vessel regulations:

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI): on 100% of the internal circumferential shell to head welds, internal manholes welds, along the shell internal longitudinal and circumferential welds, etc.
  • Standard Ultrasonic Testing (UT): on 100% of the internal circumferential welds on the centre stay,connecting structural bolts (Centre Stay-Head, Journal-Head and manholes cover), etc.
  • Automated Ultrasonic Testing (Phased Array - PA and Time of Flight Diffraction - TOFD): on 100% of the external circumferential shell to heads welds, along the external shell longitudinal and circumferential welds, external circumferential insulation rings welds (if needed), etc.


Toscotec will supply the service certified report, which the mill can use both for local regulation requirements and scheduled inspections, and for insurance purposes.



In order to increase the efficiency of the paper machine and to avoid unexpected shutdowns, the following additional checks on Steel Yankee are highly recommended and can be performed by our skilled technicians:

  • Preventive Safety Program check, in order to verify the Steel Yankee Dryer’s safety interlocks.
  • Monitor and measure the SYD’s main steam parameters during operations (e.g. steam blow through rate and differential pressure).
  • SYD’s temperature profile data collection, with contact thermometer and Infrared (IR) thermography scanner.
  • Measure the SYD’s diameter (under hot and cold conditions).
  • Check the SYD’s blades geometry (creping angle, crown profiling, loading PLI etc).
  • Check warm-up and cool-down procedures.
  • Chemical Analysis of condensate and boiler water for detection of magnetite build up. 


For more information, guidelines and tips about TT SYD (Toscotec’s Steel Yankee Dryer), Toscotec recommends to consult the User Manuals provided with TT SYD, in order to achieve the highest performance and an infinite life of Toscotec’s Steel Yankee Dryers.