Hood and Energy Recovery System Service


The Yankee Hoods and the Energy Recovery System are important elements of the plant, which, if properly optimized, can contribute to energy savings.

For this reason, and especially in today’s highly competitive marketplace, it is crucial to achieve their highest efficiency, with as little energy as possible. To this end, Toscotec’s YES Yankee Hood & Energy Recovery System Service offers a wide range of services to satisfy all customer’s requirements.

A team of highly experienced engineers performs or supervises the installation, the commissioning, the start-up and the fine-tuning of the system, checking and solving failures, as well as performing preventive maintenance, in order to ensure better performances and maximize the efficiency of the plant. YES Yankee Hood & Energy Recovery System Service is performed by mechanical engineers, thermal specialists and instrumentation and software technicians, in order to guarantee a complete service that fulfills all the requirements of our applications.

Toscotec Service Team also offers sound experience in Service Surveys, aimed at improving the system’s performance.


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On site Support

This service is available for any type of plant. It includes installation, commissioning, start-up and optimization of the plant. Yankee Hood & Energy Recovery System Optimization guarantees the immediate reduction of energy consumption thanks to the following checks:

  • Check efficiency of the heat recovery system R1.
  • Check the burner’s settings and its combustion, in order to reduce gas consumption and
  • emissions (NOx – Co).
  • Check the settings of the instrumentation.
  • Check the thermal balance (Hood & Air System).

Toscotec’s Service team offers technical support with remote diagnostics tools, in order to speed up service responses and reduce travelling costs to a minimum.

Service Contract

Toscotec recommends entering into a service contract for technical support, inclusive of routine inspections and optimization of settings, under normal operating conditions of the paper machine. These service visits are planned on a six-month or yearly basis, or more frequently, in order to meet the customer’s needs.

Preventive Maintenance

Toscotec provides preventive maintenance services aimed at improving the reliability of papermaking plants. These are customized service programs, according to the type of plant, in order to maximize the efficiency of the job and, at the same time, to minimize operation costs. Toscotec offers technical support/maintenance services locally all over the world, through its service centres in three continents: Europe, USA and China.

Main targets

  • Improve the plant’s operation efficiency and production.
  • Achieve and maintain top performance of the installed equipment.
  • Maximise time between failures.
  • Reduce downtime to a minimum.
  • Install spare parts.




Toscotec’s Site Service also offers an optimization service, made up of tests, analysis and calculation, aimed to evaluate the plant’s performance and identify solutions for the improvement of production, efficiency and reduction of energy consumption and energy costs. Specialized engineers, with sophisticated measurement and control tools, perform this Survey.
During operation of the paper machine, under normal working conditions with stable and continuous production, Toscotec team takes the necessary on site measurements.

This Survey enables the customer to verify the performance and the balance of the Yankee Hood & Air System plant. Yankee Hood are energy intensive systems and need regular checks to deliver optimal performance and guarantee the highest thermal efficiency, with significant reduction of gas and power consumption.



  • Check the efficiency of the existing heat recovery unit R1, optimize it and minimize energy consumption.
  • Check the burner’s settings and its combustion, in order to reduce gas consumption and emissions (NOx – Co).
  • Check the distance between Yankee dryer and hoods.
  • Check the instrumentation’s settings.
  • Check the balance (Hood & Air System).
  • Check (internal inspection) the status of the air ducts.Check (internal inspection) the status of the burners.


Technical Support

Toscotec’s Sales Support & Application Engineers team offers technical and application supporton any type of installations, both on new and existing plants.

Spare Parts

Toscotec takes care of all aspects related to the supply of spare parts: technical support, quotation, orderprocessing and shipment.


Toscotec’s qualified technicians are available to carry out training for final users, with standard and customized programs, according to the specific needs of the trainees. Toscotec agrees with the customer on a training program and selects the technicians in charge of the training accordingly. The training can be arranged both in house on Toscotec’s premises and on site at the paper mill.
In order to guarantee that the customer’s team receive detailed information on safety, process and operation of the system, training is also offered on site during commissioning and start-up of the plant.