Italian Cartiere Modesto Cardella enhances dryer section with repeated orders to Toscotec S.p.A..

In the last year, the partnership between the Italian machinery supplier and Cartiere Modesto Cardella, became closer with three important orders of advanced TT SteelDryers to rebuild the dryer sections of PM3 and PM4.

A first order of 8 TT SteelDryers and 4 TT Uni-Run Vac-Rolls were supplied and started up in 2014, a second order of 14 new TT SteelDryers in place of cast iron dryers were provided for PM3 in 2016 and already successfully started-up. A third order of 17 TT SDs has been repeated for the PM4.

Toscotec Technical specialists will provide supervision, commissioning and start up assistance. The final start-up is scheduled for fall of this year, 2017.


Toscotec Steel Dryer is a well-known and a proven solution with over 1200 Dryers running worldwide, providing extremely high drying capacity.

The specific design of TT SteelDryer with flat heads welded to the shell allows to produce a wider and uniformed dried sheet. Toscotec was the first to introduce the revolutionary concept of Steel Dryers in the paper industry and it continues as the undisputed leadership worldwide.


About Cartiere Modesto Cardella.

The mill, whose location in San Pietro a Vico (Lucca) dates back to 1908, was taken over in 1946 by Cardella’s family. The company has invested progressively in rebuilding, technological upgrading and innovation, to achieve current levels of production for corrugated cardboard made from waste paper with a capacity of 200 thousand tonnes per year. Over the years new paper machines were continuously introduced, up to the current day capacity which sees the MC3 (size 250 cm) and the MC4 (width 280 cm) in production.

About Toscotec.

Since 1948, Toscotec offers complete production lines, plant retrofits, and individual machineries. Headquartered in Lucca, the nerve center of the Italian paper district, with offices in China and North America, the Group serves all the leading paper producers with customized solutions, leveraging on the experience gained in more than 60 years of activities.