Stock Preparation

Toscotec Stock Preparation line: integrated, efficient, compact.

The stock preparation process in a paper production line offers a significant potential for energy savings, if created using intelligent design that is functional to the real needs of the product and available resources.

Our expert team specializes in the design of systems for stock preparation and treatment of virgin cellulose fibres, recycled paper and other non-wood fibres and is ready to offer a customized and optimal solution for the production of paper of any basis weight with the lowest costs of energy consumption, raw materials and water usage and maintenance on the market.

Toscotec's world-proven technology covers all needs: from pulpers to the headbox, including the various processes required for preparing the right mix. We continually design and build new machinery to help paper mills be prepared for the variability of market demands. Our staff will follow your project through start-up, achievement of the agreed upon production target, and until your staff can fully run production independently.

The focus towards energy efficiency, along with developments in the use of raw materials in favour of short, recycled, and non-wood fibres, have contributed to fueling Toscotec's research and development efforts.  These efforts are bringing to light new significant solutions and specific components for stock preparation lines for tissue, paper and board machines, as well as for new complete plants and rebuilds.

Stock Preparation

Pulping Systems

The first operation to be carried out is that of pulping the fibrous material coming from virgin fibres, waste paper, or non-wood fibres in a tank that contains water, in order to separate the fibrous material into fibres at their elementary state. An impeller of various types and shapes, equipped with blades and placed on the bottom of the tank, creates a whirling motion that causes the used raw materials to flake off. The final product of this process are fibres in water suspension at about 5% consistency.

Cleaning and Screening

Cleaning and screening systems are used to remove coarse or fine, heavy and lightweight contaminants from the pulp. This process have two direct benefits: to get clean pulp to produce paper and to reduce wear and tear in the downstream equipment

Pulp Thickening and Washing

Thickening is important to increase stock consistency, washing is used to remove undesirable very small particles from the fiber suspension.

Mixing Area

In between Stock preparation and Approach flow areas, the various types of fibers need to be mixed in the correct proportion in order to get the desired finished product quality.

Approach Flow

Just before the pulp enters the headbox, pressure screens are used both in the main line and in the headbox dilution line (if installed) to treat the stream properly.

Product finder

Broke Pulper

TT MBP. The Toscotec Broke Pulper TT MBP is designed to be installed under machine both in tissue, paper and board applications.

Rotating Screen

TT RS. The Toscotec Rotating Screen TT RS is used in recycled paper stock preparation plants to de-water the coarse rejects coming from upstream cleaning equipment.


TT RG. For the proper performance of a continuous pulper working with recycled paper (Toscotec Low Density Pulper), a cleaning unit such as the ragger TT RG is required to be installed.

Low Density Pulper

TT TM. Optimized to work with heavily contaminated recycled paper or with rewinder trims, the Toscotec Low Density Pulper TT TM is designed to perform an extremely efficient and low energy slushing in continuous mode and to remove rejects without breaking them.

Medium Density Pulper

TT VP. Suitable to work both with virgin pulp, broke, recycled paper and non-wood fibers, the Toscotec Medium Density pulper TT VP is designed to perform an extremely efficient and low energy slushing in discontinuous mode.

Turbo Separator

TT TMC. The Toscotec Turboseparator TT TMC is installed in recycled paper stock preparation lines as primary screen to treat the accept stream of the Toscotec Low Density Pulper.

Vortiscreen 3 Series

TT VS-3. The Toscotec Vortiscreen TT VS-3 can be installed as the only coarse screen in converting broke lines or as the last tail screening stage for the treatment of the rejects coming from drilled Toscotec Superscreens in recycled paper processing lines.

Vortiscreen 1 Series

TT VS-1. The Toscotec Vortiscreen TT VS-1 is used in recycled paper stock preparation plants mainly for the detrashing of the continuous TM Pulpers and as a dumping machine of high consistency batch pulpers.


TT SS. The Toscotec Superscreen TT SS is a horizontal screen with basket and rotor designed to be installed as a coarse or fine screen in recycled paper stock preparation plants. It is optimal to treat stock up to a working consistency of 5%.

High Density Cleaner

TT HDC. Engineered to work both with virgin pulp and recycled paper, the Toscotec High Density Cleaner TT HDC is designed to reliably remove heavier than fiber contaminants, suspended in consistencies up to 6%, directly after the pulper.

Thickening Screw

TT CA. The Toscotec Thickening Screw TT CA is an inclined screw thickener; it can be configured as a Single Unit or as Combined Units (up to 3 Units on a single stand and with only one feeding headbox) for higher capacity and reduced footprint.

Wire Washer

TT CW. The Toscotec Wire Washer TT CW is used to obtain an efficient removal of ashes, inks, glues, and fines by means of low consistency stock washing and consequent thickening.

Short Approach Flow System

TT SAF. Toscotec Short Approach Flow TT SAF, patented by Toscotec since 2012, allows every mill, new or existing one, to reduce energy consumptions and installation space, without compromises in terms of performances.

Vibrating Screen

TT V. The Toscotec Vibrating Screen TT V can be used as final stage for rejects de-watering after other screens such as vortiscreens, superscreens and pressure screens.

Pressure Screen

TT AFS. The Toscotec Pressure Screen TT AFS is designed to be installed in the approach flow system as final protection of the headbox.


Dust Removal System, Mist Removal System, Heating & Ventilation System

Reel Section

Quality rolls for rewinder operation

Hoods & Air system

Toscotec customizes the design of its TT Hood based on the customer’s needs and the overall drying configuration of the tissue machine, including the Steel Yankee Dryer.

Steam and Condensate System

As an auxiliary system of the Steel Yankee Dryer, Toscotec’s Steam and Condensate System is optimized to operate in association with TT SYD to allow it to achieve its maximum drying capacity.

Steel Yankee Dryer

Toscotec is both the inventor and the leading supplier of Steel Yankee Dryers worldwide.


Paper machine press section represent a key area for rebuilds to improve quality of the paper and energy savings.


TT Headbox delivers optimal sheet formation, because its design is custom-made based on the specific product needs of the customer. It operates at a high consistency, thereby reducing energy consumption.


Toscotec’s TADVISION® Air System is composed of two hoods, a lower blowing hood and an upper suction hood, installed below and above the TAD Drum section of the TADVISION® machine.


TADVISION® features a unique outflow serpentine design in its TAD section, which is composed of a multiple number of TAD drums (configuration according to production needs).

Reel Section

Section Quality rolls for rewinder operation.

Tail Feeding System

The perfect tool for new machines or to improve the efficiency and safety of an existing line.

Online sizing and calendering

Surface improvement solutions for a stronger paper

Drying Section

The most famous well-proven TT SteelDryer and drive concepts.

Press Section

Tailored press technologies, inlcuding Shoe Press, according to the applications.

Forming Section

State-of-the-art drainage equipment is properly configured on a Toscotec fourdrinier to reach the best quality results.


Toscotec’s headbox line can satisfy all customer needs in terms of production, quality and specific application.

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