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We believe in technology that is part of a larger project. In a design that creates a sustainable future for all. We believe in innovation. In change that opens up new paths, while balancing progress and the quality of life. We believe in responsibility. In a global vision that thinks about everything. About machines, about people, about the planet.

Since its foundation in 1948, Toscotec specializes in the design and manufacture of turnkey projects, complete machines, rebuilds and single equipment for the tissue and paper & board industries. 

Headquartered in Lucca, Italy, with offices and service centres in China and North America, Toscotec provides leading edge technology and customized solutions to paper producers around the world. Our technology is designed to achieve high production efficiency, low energy consumptions, and premium quality products.

Offering advanced and sustainable technological solutions, created with the utmost care.
Establishing trusted relationships with our stakeholders and guaranteeing special consideration to our employees.
Integrating business growth with the well-being of people, protection of the planet, and support for our community.

We want our business model to be driven by responsibility, where technology, people and the planet receive the same attention, to ensure a harmonious balance between business success and global well-being.


Toscotec is in the heart of the Italian Tissue Valley.

Toscotec is located in Lucca, in the heart of the Italian paper district. Our headquarters cover an area of 60,000 m2 with 8 production buildings that include 5 paper machine assembly lines, a yankee dryer hood manufacturing building, a steel dryer can forming/welding/machining area, a machining area with traditional lathes and CNC’s for both large and small pieces, a shipping container loading center, and carpentry.

Toscotec also has a building specifically dedicated to the construction of Toscotec Steel Yankee Dryers. Our TT SYD Technology Center is an integrated 5,000 m2 plant. Its location, just a few kilometers away from Massa’s maritime port, was chosen because of its logistical advantage of ensuring easy access to the seaport for large diameter Yankees.

TT SYD Technology Center

Experience, development, quality.

The TT SYD Technology Center is located in Massa, 50 km from Lucca, a location chosen for its easy seaport access for quick overseas shipments.

The attention to the quality of raw materials and processes plays an essential role in the manufacturing industry and Toscotec has decided to dedicate a technology center to the design and production of the heart of a tissue machine: the Steel Yankee Dryer – TT SYD.

All TT SYDs are produced here.

The architectural heart of the facility is the central hall that houses all the stages of the production line: 180m long, 40m wide overall and up to 18m high.  From metalworking and precision mechanical processing to thermal treatment in a 10m x 10m oven, all the tests and stamps are made on site according to European (PED), American (ASME), Chinese (CSEI) and Japanese (JIS) regulations.  Toscotec can produce TT SYDs up to 26FT. The new center also houses technical and production offices, as well as a conference room and lounge for customers.

The importance of this Center is strategic not only from the production side but also from the logistic side. The facility is located 3 km from the seaport of Marina di Carrara (MS). It allows quick and easy shipments, reducing costs and delivery times.

We got the target: to increase efficiency and ensure the best product worldwide.



Sergio Toschi establishes Officine Meccaniche Toschi, a company devoted to providing assistance and services in the constantly expanding paper industry.


Giovan Battista Mennucci joins the company and from this point on its efforts are focused on the design and manufacture of paper production machinery. 


The company produces its first complete tissue making machine


These are years of exponential growth during which the company focuses its activities on the export market.
In this decade, Toschi installs its first plants in Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia and South America.


The company builds its first Tissue plant using Crescent Former technology and delivers the first unit of this type to BJC Cellox Paper in Thailand.


This is a year of change for the Company which, with the arrival of Fabio Perini after his acquisition of the stake held by the Toschi family and the boost given to the business by the Mennucci family, sees rapid growth of its market and technologies. 


Production and installation of the world’s first Steel Yankee dryer, the TT SYD


"Officine Meccaniche Toschi" changes its name to Toscotec, marking the start of a radical new process of expansion and renewal.


On January 8, the first TADVision machine is started up in the USA for the Potlatch Corporation in Las Vegas: the first turnkey plant built by Toscotec for the US market.


The Mennucci's acquire the share packet held by Fabio Perini and are now in full control of the Group through its holding company.


The year begins with the important acquisition of Milltech, a leading provider of integrated paper drying and energy saving solutions, and the consolidation of the new Far East branch office, Toscotec Asia & Pacific, established in 2011.


In August Toscotec absorbed tissue machine hood and ventilation specialist Milltech into its own tissue technology operations, by considering Milltech’s solutions are best offered as a brand within Toscotec’s portfolio. This development makes Toscotec one of the few tissue machinery suppliers which can offer the entire suite of technology for tissue production from one source.


Toscotec pursues its investment strategy in order to enhance its strength in the tissue and paper industry. Inspired by its trust in innovation and a custom-oriented spirit, the company - pioneer and world leader in the Steel Yankee Dryer market - opens the new facility dedicated to the complete production cycle of TT SYDs.
The TT SYD Technology Lab is a new, totally integrated plant that covers more than 5,000 sqm in Massa, very close to the seaport. 


This is the year of iT's Tissue’s third edition. Toscotec is the protagonist of a unique event dedicated to customers, prospects and stakeholders: with NowNext open house, participants get a first-hand experience of Toscotec’s achievements and future challenges.

YES is Toscotec’s Service department: a team of highly qualified professionals and technicians who provide assistance 24/7 to customers, remotely and on site, throughout the world.


From 30th April 2020, Toscotec is part of the Voith Group


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