New Toscotec eco-sustainable tissue line for Eurovast’s Cartiera della Basilica in Lucca

The Italian company Eurovast has chosen Toscotec to supply new machinery for its Cartiera della Basilica Lugliano-Bagni di Lucca (LU) plant.
The machinery with a maximum production capacity of over 30.000 tonnes/year and winder paper size of 2800 mm will go into production in the first quarter of 2014.
Eurovast, a limited liability company managed by the Romano family and headed by entrepreneur Vincenzo Romano, is at the forefront of the Lucchese paper making industry. It has been working in the tissue market since the beginning of the ‘90s. The company currently has a production capacity of more than 70,000 tonnes per year with a total plant surface area of 36,000 m2 (three paper production plants and two processing plants located in the Lucca region in Bagni di Lucca, Villa Basilica, Lanciole, Capannori and Borgo a Mozzano). The production chain starts with the raw material and the fibres that are selected directly from Cartiera della Basilica. These are then transformed in the converting area of Eurovast SpA plants. Products are developed paying particular attention to health, safety, practicality and eco-sustainability.
The company has followed a dynamic and innovative path, which resulted in bringing “Rotolotto®” to the shelf in 1994. “Rotolotto®” is the first single roll (typical of the industrial sector) for domestic use. For Eurovast this product was the driving force for growth and expansion that continues today with a complete range that includes the Fior di Carta® and Fior di Carta Lifestyle® brands.
The new machinery is a MODULO plus crescent former in double press configuration and steel Yankee dryer TT SYD-3200MM with a maximum speed of 1500 m/min; it’s the ideal solution for meeting the demand for a high quality product together with the need for energy savings and emission reductions.
Care for the environment and the desire to install an eco-sustainable and innovative system were Eurovast’s determining factors in choosing to offer the consumer manufacturing excellence in a rapidly expanding sector.

The machinery will be installed at the existing site following the dismantling of the current machinery. Engineering services, assembly supervision, commissioning and start-up are all taken care of by Toscotec.

This new investment made by Eurovast will ensure the continuation of the growth process that begun in 2007 and allowed the company to adopt new paper making systems aimed at improved paper quality. For example, the purchase in 2008 and 2011 of new machinery for the paper transformation plant led to an improvement in product quality and aesthetics.
Attention to health, safety, energy saving and eco-sustainability, which is the fruit of a privileged relationship between the company and its clients, make up the driving force in choosing Toscotec as a reliable partner for this project.

The partnership between the two companies will long continue given that last October, on the occasion of the celebrations for the sale of Toscotec’s 100th steel Yankee dryer, Eurovast was awarded as the first company in the world to have installed the TT SYD Yankee dryer in 2000 in its Botticino plant.