Once again... iT's Tissue!

iT's Tissue – the 2nd Edition of the Italian Technology Experience has wrapped up with attendance of more than 1000 tissue professionals from around the world. The event was a weeklong journey of demonstrations inside the open doors of 12 of the leading equipment manufacturers from the tissue industry. 

At Toscotec, the staff welcomed worldwide attendees with enthusiasm and passion. It is the same passion found throughout the organization whether you look in areas of project development based on the newest technologies or innovative energy saving solutions. Enthusiasm and Passion are key components that have led to Toscotec’s recent successes.

Our most recent success, PRODERGY, was on display at the event. PRODERGY is the 1st tissue machine that unites top production performance, product quality, and energy efficiency, all made possible the by configuration of the drying section. On display at Toscotec was an AHEAD-2.0L Crescent Former with a width of 5.63m (222”) featuring a 22’ Steel Yankee, the largest Steel Yankee Dryer ever built for tissue production. The line was also equipped with a 22 FT Milltech Steam Heated Hood which significantly improves the production capacity of the entire plant

In addition, we also featured a 2.7 (106”) wide Crescent Former tissue machine, the AHEAD-2.0, completely assembled in an adjacent assembly hall. The AHEAD-2.0 showcases Toscotec’s leading technologies and is designed to high production needs with any type of raw material while maintaining the highest quality end product.

Attendees finished their tour with a walk through of Milltech’s fabrication facilities. Several Hoods were under various levels of construction ranging from 12’ Suction Hoods to 15’ Gas Fired Hoods to 22’ Steam Heated Hoods. Milltech’s workshop was full of equipment ready to be sent to destinations around the world. The unique experience of being able to inspect the inside construction of the Hoods showcased the advance design and high quality of construction and materials that repeat customers have come to expect from Milltech.

Toscotec’s ability to provide flexible design solutions on new or existing equipment coupled with over 65 years of experience in delivering Turnkey Projects has made Toscotec the leading supplier of tissue machines in the world. The iT’s Tissue event provided a unique opportunity to inspect firsthand the Toscotec passion, enthusiasm and quality evident in the employees and the equipment.

We would like to thank all those who attended iT’s Tissue as this type of event allows us to build the personal and professional relationships to help make everyone successful !

It’s Tissue – 3rd Edition will be held in 2018. Hope to see you there!!