Peruvian Papelera Del Sur rebuilds PM5 dryer section

Papelera del Sur S.A., part of Cartones America Group, has successfully started up its PM5 on March 28 at Chincha - Peru after a drying section upgrade carried out by the Italian Company Toscotec. The PM5 produces white top test liner, brown test liner, medium and fluting starting from recycled paper.
Cartones America is a leading, privately-owned, Andean Region manufacturer of containerboard, corrugated boxes, clay-coated paperboard, spiral tube board and specialty board packaging products. The company was born in Cali, Colombia in the 50s but nowadays has operations also in Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

The project aim was to increase production and to optimize the efficiency of the paper machine. This has been achieved by adding new dryers at the end of the existing drying section, eliminating the rope tail threading system from the last two batteries and installing a new air blow threading system.
Toscotec scope of supply consisted of a new complete double tier drying battery with 6 TT SD (Toscotec's signature steel dryer cylinders) 2000 mm diameter, 10 bar coded. The installation of TT SD 2000 mm diameter allows to get a large drying surface with a smaller number of dryers and related accessories (such as wire rolls, doctors, in-drive points, etc) if compared to the installation of standard 1500 mm diameter dryers. This results in a lower investment cost but also in energy saving.
Thanks to the strong cooperation between Toscotec and Papelera del Sur teams the challenging project has been successfully completed with only 3 days machine shutdown.This new installation once more highlights Toscotec expertise and experience in managing machine upgrading and rebuildings worldwide with innovative and energy savings solutions.