Tappi Tissue 101- Properties & Processes Course

A new course to learn from industry experts at TAPPI Tissue 101.

Toscotec is serving as chair and is honered to be joined by a panel of distinguished partners.  We hope you will join us, too.

The Course Schedule is designed for those new to the tissue manufacturing process or who simply want to refresh their knowledge of the fundamentals.

2016 TAPPI Tissue 101 – Properties and Processes Course

Neenah, Wisconsin USA

October 12-13, 2016

TAPPI’s Tissue 101 offers an introductory-level curriculum where you’ll gain a strong knowledge of ways to improve tissue performance and manufacturing efficiency.  Here, you can expand your professional network, as well as strengthen your foundation of skills in learning more about:

  • Introduction to tissue business and products
  • Web-fiber networks and physical properties test methods
  • Fibers and furnishes, stock preparation and control
  • Wet-end chemistry and control
  • Forming, water removal and drying processes
  • Pressing fabrics, creping
  • Dry-end processes and chemical additives
  • Sheet and roll handling, and converting

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