Toscotec S.p.A. today has joined ELITE. ELITE exceeds 800 member companies.

Today ELITE welcomes 50 new Italian companies to join its program designed for high growth potential enterprises.                          

Toscotec S.p.A. is one of them. As a leading manufacturer of paper and tissue machinery for 70 years, Toscotec made its mark at international level by carefully combining production excellence, the respect for people and ongoing research for the best solutions to achieve customer satisfaction.

Alessandro Mennucci, CEO of Toscotec, affirmed:

"Elite is the right partner to continue on the path of growth we began a few years ago, allowing us to improve our managerial skills and to get in touch with the financial community. We are also sure that the implementation of our strategy will benefit from sharing ideas with other ambitious entrepreneurs".

ELITE is an international program of the Italian Stock Exchange, created in 2012 in cooperation with Confindustria in order to support enterprises in implementing their growth plans. Thanks to the partnership with Confindustria, a number of ELITE Desks have been set up across Italy, through which more than half of the companies joining ELITE today were selected.

ELITE offers access to numerous financing opportunities, improves enterprises’ visibility and attractiveness, it puts them in direct contact with potential investors, and it supports their management in going through cultural and organizational change.


Luca Peyrano, CEO and General Manager of ELITE added:

“50 ambitious enterprises are embarking today on their path in ELITE, joining an increasingly more dynamic and qualified international community. Three facts can easily summarize the impact that ELITE has managed to generate in Italy in recent years: the increase in the size of ELITE companies, the increase in their profitability and the increase in employment generated by these companies in terms of employees. We are convinced that access to new forms of finance is an important lever to improve the competitiveness of Italian companies at a global level, but we believe that strong managerial skills and a clear vision are essential to create more and more value. ELITE companies play a crucial role in achieving this goal, with a significant number of extraordinary finance operations, supporting growth for a value of over 7 billion euro".