Toscotec starts up a complete packaging paper machine at UNIPAKHELLAS in Greece


UNIPAKHELLAS Central (UHC), a member of INDEVCO Group, have started up a paper machine and a slitter winder delivered by Toscotec as the main machinery supplier at their Pelasgia mill in Greece. The new line (PM5) is manufacturing high quality test liner and fluting grades for the Greek and international markets.

PM5 has a wire width of 3,000 mm, a maximum operating speed of 800 m/min and produces corrugated paper in the range from 90 to 200 gsm using 100% waste fibres. It features a twolayer Fourdrinier configuration with a hydraulic TT Headbox-SL. It is equipped with Toscotec’s shoe press TT Xpress, TT SteelDryers in the dryer section, as well as a hard nip calender, a hydraulic pope reel and the tail threading system. The scope is completed by mechanical drives, an enclosed hood, and air and ventilation systems. INDEVCO, through its engineering company Phoenix, realized all the auxiliary plants.

Imad Issa El Khoury, Executive Vice President of INDEVCO Paper Making, says, “This was great teamwork between INDEVCO, Toscotec and other European collaborators during the pandemic to achieve successful results and a promising future for UNIPAKHELLAS.”

Francesco Possenti, Paper & Board Technical Manager Toscotec, says, “The successful completion of this project is a great satisfaction. Toscotec realized the new line from a greenfield, including the building layout, the civil works and the entire paper machine from the headbox to the rewinder. Throughout the project when we were faced with challenges including the pandemic, local authorizations, erection and auxiliaries, the excellent cooperation with UHC made all the difference and we managed to effectively overcome every single issue together.”

Established in 2008, UNIPAKHELLAS S.A. is an international company and member of INDEVCO Group, a multinational corporation with diversified manufacturing, technical and consultancy services. UNIPAKHELLAS operates several facilities in Greece, including locations in Athens, Pelasgia, Thiva, Thessaloniki and Crete. It has a leading role in the paper and packaging market with a strong belief in the need to develop innovative, eco-friendly solutions.

Enrico Fazio
Sales Director, Paper & Board division Toscotec

UNIPAKHELLAS Central and Toscotec’s teams at UHC paper mill in Pelasgia, Greece.


Toscotec is a Voith company