Toscotec starts up a Steel Yankee Dryer at Mirae Paper in Korea


Mirae Paper started up a TT SYD Steel Yankee Dryer supplied by Toscotec to replace an existing cast iron Yankee on PM2 at their Jeonju mill in South Korea. This is Mirae Paper’s second TT SYD installation following another Yankee replacement by Toscotec on PM3 in 2013.

Market leadership through continuous development
With over 260 TT SYD sold worldwide, Toscotec is the undisputed market leader of Steel Yankee Dryers in the global tissue market. This leadership gives Toscotec a vast experience of monitoring and servicing steel Yankees that operate in the most diverse conditions across 5 continents worldwide. This combined expertise propels the strides that Toscotec continuously makes in product improvement developments.
The latest generation of TT SYD installed on Mirae Paper’s PM2 benefits from an ideal ratio of the height, width, and distance between the Yankee’s internal ribs and the optimization of its shell thickness. This design guarantees the highest possible thermal energy transfer efficiency at the drying heart of the tissue machine.
Following the global success of its Steel Yankees, in 2016 Toscotec set up its TT SYD Technology Center in Massa (Italy), an integrated facility fully dedicated to their manufacturing with a short and easy route to a seaport to accelerate shipping anywhere in the world.

Yeong Rok Lee, Mirae Paper’s Production Manager, says, “We are very happy with the outcome of this second Yankee replacement by Toscotec. This new Yankee on PM2 has been performing very efficiently for over 2 months now. Just like our first TT SYD on PM3 has done for more than 10 years now, with great reliability and substantial energy savings.”

Simone Pieruccini, Pressure Vessel Technical Manager at Toscotec, says, “Toscotec has without a doubt the longest and largest experience in the design, manufacture, and service of steel Yankees in the tissue industry. This allows us to continuously raise the bar in terms of technological progress and service quality. We are happy that Mirae Paper can benefit from this experience on both PM2 and PM3, increasing capacity while reducing operational costs.”

About Mirae Paper Co., Ltd.
Established in 2000, Mirae Paper operates one paper mill in Jeonju, South Korea. The company manufactures up to 65,000 tpy of high quality tissue, including toilet tissue, handkerchiefs, and towels, using both virgin and recycled fibres. It distributes its products mainly to the Korean market.

Fabio Bargiacchi
Sales Manager, Tissue division Toscotec

Toscotec’s Steel Yankee Dryer at TT SYD Technology Center in Massa (Italy).


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