Toscotec TT SteelDryers started up at Omnia Advanced Materials in Italy.


Toscotec participated in the dryer section rebuild of PM2 at Omnia Advanced Materials Alife mill in Italy with the supply of 16 TT SteelDryers. PM2 produces highly customized specialty paper including gaskets, absorbency, and filtration media for numerous industrial and consumer applications. 

Toscotec has designed and customized the new TT SteelDryers according to PM2 specifications, with a diameter of 1,250 mm, a trim width of over 2,300 mm, and an operating pressure of 10barg, and it applied a cover on many of the dryer cans to guarantee high cleanliness throughout the papermaking process following the press section. With their higher operating pressure, Toscotec’s TT SteelDryers, are set to improve PM2 performance, as they guarantee a higher specific evaporation rate, compared with the existing cast iron cans. 

Francesco Giusti, Plant Manager at Omnia Advanced Materials, says: “We chose Toscotec for the steel dryers supply, because they were able to offer the best guarantees of quality and the highest number of references. Toscotec has achieved technological excellence in the design and manufacture of TT SteelDryers. Based on their reputation in the market, we are confident they will also provide professional solutions.” 

Enrico Fazio, Sales Director of Toscotec’s Paper & Board division, says, “It is important for Toscotec to strengthen its experience in the rebuild of machines manufacturing specialty papers. The size of these TT SteelDryers will be entirely customized following the specific requirements of Omnia Advanced Materials. It is the perfect opportunity for Toscotec to prove its flexibility and customer-oriented approach.”

About Omnia Advanced Materials
Founded in the 1950s by the Fronzoni family in Italy, Omnia Advanced Materials remains to this day a private company owned by Gino Fronzoni with operations in both Alife, Italy and Beaver Falls, NY, USA. It produces a wide range of tailor-made products including absorbent media (such as air fresheners, fragrant scent strips, humidity indicators), industrial filter applications in the F&B, pharmaceutical, chemical and automotive industries, and gasket material (for which they are a market leader manufacturing over 50 different types of sealing materials for commercial and industrial automotive, hydraulic applications, gas compressors, and other industrial applications).

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Enrico Fazio, Sales Director, Toscotec Paper & Board division, 


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