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The YES service that measures the actual linear load applied between the press roll (suction and/or blind-drilled) and the Yankee.



  • Verifying any load imbalances between one side of the press roll and the other.
  • Verifying whether the datum identified by the load cells mirrors the theoretical load curve of the pressure roll used by the paper mill.
    • Supplying information concerning potential problems in the handling of the press roll itself (ex: abnormal friction in the movement of the arms, problems with the loading system, etc.).

      • Modifying the theoretical curve or creating a new one based on the empirical data collected.

        • A calibrated hydraulic load cell (HLC) is inserted from both sides of the press roll in order to measure the actual load transmitted by it to the Yankee.

          • YES Press Rolls Linear Load Measurement guarantees a correct linear load of the press roll(s), that by respecting design values, allows optimizing the wet profile of the paper and the energy necessary for drying.