Excellence in technology at the service of the paper industry.

Toscotec designs and manufactures machines, systems and components for the production of Tissue and Paper & Board, offering proprietary solutions to the world’s leading paper industries.

Since 1948, Toscotec has specialised in the construction of machines for the tissue and paper industry. From complete production lines to plant refits, turnkey projects and individual components, the company offers state-of-the-art technology to the world’s most important paper producers. With headquarters in Lucca, the nerve center of the Italian paper district, Toscotec is a leading player on international markets.

Know-how, production excellence, respect for people and ongoing research into the best solutions to achieve customer satisfaction by anticipating needs: these are our key values.

Maximum production efficiency, reduced consumption and costs, the highest quality finished products and respect for environmental resources: these are our results

And our new point of departure.

Toscotec World Wilde presence. From Lucca to the World’s leading papermaking districts.

A firsthand territorial presence is a key added value, most importantly in non-traditional markets, where the company believes that a direct and ongoing relationship with its customers is the best way to respond effectively and promptly to all needs raised. Toscotec has activated a network of highly specialised, integrated centers that maintain a presence in paper market nerve centers: Europe, Asia & Pacific and North America.

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TT SYD Technology Center - Exoerience, Development, Quality

Our History


YES is Toscotec’s Service department: a team of highly qualified professionals and technicians who provide assistance 24/7 to customers, remotely and on site, throughout the world.


This is the year of iT's Tissue’s third edition. Toscotec is the protagonist of a unique event dedicated to customers, prospects and stakeholders: with NowNext open house, participants get a first-hand experience of Toscotec’s achievements and future challenges.


Toscotec pursues its investment strategy in order to enhance its strength in the tissue and paper industry. Inspired by its trust in innovation and a custom-oriented spirit, the company - pioneer and world leader in the Steel Yankee Dryer market - opens the new facility dedicated to the complete production cycle of TT SYDs.
The TT SYD Technology Lab is a new, totally integrated plant that covers more than 5,000 sqm in Massa, very close to the seaport.


In August Toscotec absorbed tissue machine hood and ventilation specialist Milltech into its own tissue technology operations, by considering Milltech’s solutions are best offered as a brand within Toscotec’s portfolio. This development makes Toscotec one of the few tissue machinery suppliers which can offer the entire suite of technology for tissue production from one source.


In June, Toscotec launches PRODERGY during the second edition of It's Tissue!. With a web width of 5,600 mm, a design speed of 2,200 m/min and an operating speed of 2,000 m/min, this is the TM with the SYD of the largest diameter ever manufactured (TT SYD-22FT), and it also sets a record for the highest speed ever achieved with steam only.


The “It’s Tissue” event makes its debut in Lucca, the first international fair devoted to all tissue sector operators. The initiative’s point of strength is its collaboration and engagement with 12 local paper makers, who open their companies’ doors to offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy a full immersion experience and learn in-depth about various issues linked with the world of papermaking. The next edition will hold in June 2015!


The year begins with the important acquisition of Milltech, a leading provider of integrated paper drying and energy saving solutions, and the consolidation of the new Far East branch office, Toscotec Asia & Pacific, established in 2011.


The Mennucci's acquire the share packet held by Fabio Perini and are now in full control of the Group through its holding company.


On January 8, the first TADVision machine is started up in the USA for the Potlatch Corporation in Las Vegas: the first turnkey plant built by Toscotec for the US market.


“Officine Meccaniche Toschi” changes its name to Toscotec, marking the start of a radical new process of expansion and renewal.


Production and installation of the world’s first Steel Yankee dryer, the TT SYD.


This is a year of change for the Company which, with the arrival of Fabio Perini after his acquisition of the stake held by the Toschi family and the boost given to the business by the Mennucci family, sees rapid growth of its market and technologies.


The company builds its first Tissue plant using Crescent Former technology and delivers the first unit of this type to BJC Cellox Paper in Thailand.


These are years of exponential growth during which the company focuses its activities on the export market.
In this decade, Toschi installs its first plants in Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia and South America.


The company produces its first complete tissue making machine.


Giovan Battista Mennucci joins the company and from this point on its efforts are focused on
the design and manufacture of paper production machinery.


Sergio Toschi establishes Officine Meccaniche Toschi, a company devoted to providing assistance and services in the constantly expanding paper industry.