Mechanical Service Engineer TTNA - Area Customer Service


Main Responsibility:
The main responsibility will be to drive the installation of the paper machineries, the related stock preparation, the water circuit including all the piping, components, instrumentations and all their connections with pneumatic/electric interfaces.

Mechanical Engineer (or mechanical professional school/background). The position requires coordination skills, flexibility, and good communication attitude toward customers, colleagues and suppliers.
The candidate should be available to frequent project trips mainly in North and South America. Requested to stay at the customer’ site for long period.

Company relationship:
The daily work of the candidate will be coordinate from Toscotec NA, under the supervision of Customer service manager. He will coordinate his activities with:

  • Project manager
  • Site manager
  • Technical Dept.
  • Production Dept.
  • Purchase Dept.
  • Suppliers and customers

Job Description:

The M.S.E., will be in charge of the following activities:

  • Main responsibility.
  • Organize and update erection and installation schedule, sharing with customer and supplier any modifications.
  • Update all TT team about erection progress.
  • Handle on site shipping troubles.
  • Install and supervise tissue machine and auxiliary equipment installation.
  • Install and supervise hydraulic and pneumatic system and components.
  • Install and supervise water and stock piping, components and equipment.
  • Control and teach the customer team about maintenance procedure.
  • Support Toscotec commissioning team during test and stat-up.
  • Support Toscotec colleagues in order to perform test and fine-tuning on paper machine in order to meet the customer’s technical specifications and optimizations.
  • Troubleshooting of mechanical issues.
  • To solve mechanical and process issues and to propose alternative solutions/improvements.
  • Handle and organize the job of TT and supplier teams on site.
  • Write weekly and periodical reports to keep trace about the job proceeding and, in case, about the issues and troubles had in order to give detailed feedback to the service and technical departments.

Mechanical Engineering Degree or mechanical professional school/background with at least five years of field service experience.


  • Minimum 5 years of field service experience.
  • Background in mechanical workshop/factory as a supervisor role.
  • Paper Machine and tissue paper mill experience will be a must.
  • Knowledge of other European language: Italian/Spanish languages will be a plus.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Proved knowledge of industrial equipment and tool (i.e. optic level, theodolite tec.)
  • Proved knowledge of industrial equipment including: motors, servos, pumps, drives, relays, communication devices and protocols, power transmission systems.
  • Proved knowledge of industrial instrumentation including: transmitters, valves, actuators, positioners, electric and pneumatic panels, etc.
  • Experience with compressed air and lubrication/hydraulic unit systems and components.
  • Able to read and understand P&ID, electrical and pneumatic diagrams.
  • Problem solving and organization attitude.
  • Ability in dealing effectively with others team members, colleagues and customers.
  • Team work attitude.
  • High confidence and reliable person.
  • Availability to work on shift, if needed.
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office Package (Excel, Word, Project, etc.)

The position is a full-time job. The candidate is based in Green Bay (WI) – USA offices with the possibility to project trips in other US states or South America depending on company needs.


  • To be defined according the candidate experience.
  • Availability to work overtime according the company needs.
  • The candidate will be available to frequent trips for installation / start-ups / construction / etc. in North/South America.

Probation period:
During the probation period Toscotec will provide On Job Training.

Please mail your CV and cover letter at If your application is in line with the position, we will contact you. We regret we cannot reply to every applicant individually.


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