Stefano Pecchia appointed Energy Technology Director at Toscotec.


Toscotec named Stefano Pecchia its new Energy Technology Director as its tissue and paper and board business looks ahead to continued growth in 2020.

Stefano Pecchia has more than twenty years of broad industry experience as a Technical Manager. He has worked on the design of energy and drying technologies for global key players, both in tissue and paper and board. He holds a bachelor degree in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Pisa and a master’s degree in Paper and Board.

With a focus on energy efficiency, Toscotec offers a full range of products and services that deliver high productivity and energy reduction in the drying process. These include its customized TT Hoods that can use steam, natural gas, or other locally available energy sources. Toscotec’s Dust and Mist removal system and Heating and Ventilation systems complete the portfolio.

With his expertise and experience, Stefano will significantly contribute to strengthen Toscotec’s position as a leading manufacturer of the paper industry.


Toscotec is a Voith company