Toscotec chosen as turnkey supplier by Cartiera Cama in Italy to rebuild the dryer section of PM1.


Cartiera Cama S.r.l. chose Toscotec for the complete rebuild of the dryer section of its PM1 at Lallio mill, Bergamo, Italy. PM1 produces core board and carton board from 650 to 1,200 gsm, using 100% waste fibres. The delivery is planned in two steps, in July and December 2019.

Toscotec’s supply will be on a turnkey basis. It includes 29 TT SteelDryers designed for an operating steam pressure of 10 barg, which will replace most of the mill’s existing cast iron dryers. Toscotec will supply the bearing housings, steam fits, joints and turbulence bars for the entirety of the dryer cans, as well as the new dryer section’s main components, including stretchers, guiding devices, canvas rolls and doctors. The scope also comprises mechanical drives for the entire paper machine.

The services package consists of onsite erection, supervision, commissioning and start-up assistance.

The rebuild will boost the mill’s production by more than 10%, only by increasing PM1’s drying capacity and maintaining the original machine length and the original number of dryers. An additional improvement will be the implementation of the silent drive concept, through the replacement of the existing gears. The simplicity of the silent drive solution drastically reduces maintenance costs and noise generation.

Davide Bettanti, CEO of Cartiera Cama, says, “Sustainability is the keystone to our business. Today’s market is increasingly demanding in terms of environmental protection. At Cartiera Cama we invest in new technology to increase the efficiency of our operations, reduce our environmental impact and improve product quality. On this turnkey project we chose Toscotec, because we wanted to increase the production and efficiency of PM1, by relying on the best available drying technology. ”

Enrico Fazio, Toscotec’s Head of Sales, says “It is a great pleasure for us to cooperate with a family business such as Cartiera Cama, here in Italy. We had the opportunity to work with them many years ago and we were happy to rediscover during the negotiation of this project that we share the same traditions and vision on the importance of trust and relationships. We are confident that the rebuild will deliver on Cartiera Cama’s demanding green targets and, thanks to our solution with TT SteelDryers, we will increase the machine capacity.”

About Cartiera Cama S.r.l.

Established in 1966 by Galbiati Giancarlo, Cartiera Cama manufactures chipboard in sheets and laminated and printed cardboard, for a total capacity of 30,910 tons of cardboard in 2018, which is primarily absorbed by the cosmetics, board games and footwear sectors. It exports 60% of its production to the European market. Certified ISO 14001 since 2016, the company is focused on the reduction of its environmental footprint in the areas of water, paper and energy, using 100% recycled paper as raw material.

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