Toscotec launches new YES-CONNECT-VISION AR system for effective remote service


Toscotec upgraded its YES-CONNECT-VISION AR (Augmented Reality) system to provide faster and more effectiveremote services. After launching the first version in 2018, Toscotec perfected the system based on user feedback and practice in the field. With this improved tool, mill operators wearing an ergonomic helmet fitted with a high definition camera send out high-resolution images and audio in real time, becoming the eyes and the ears of Toscotec’s service team inside the mill. 

Toscotec’s experts can actively interact with these inputs in real time by highlighting components in the operator’s field of view, sending relevant documentation to their helmet’s visor and guiding them on adjusting the machine. Toscotec’s service team can acquire all the information they need to provide solutions, get around lack of technical know-how, or language-related issues in communication.

YES-CONNECT-VISION is designed to ensure maximum safety to the operator who is wearing the helmet with dust-tight and watertight hardware. With an easily adjustable binocular visor, a wide angle camera that offers a 150-degree visual field, a selective microphone and noise-cancelling headset, technicians can safely move around in the mill with large visibility of surroundings, and operate hands-free, while receiving clear audio signals even in highly noisy areas.

YES-CONNECT-VISION digital solution increases service efficiency, thereby reducing downtime and boosting production efficiency. When travel options are limited or if it’s desired to retain the option of on-demand remote service, Toscotec offers an effective tool that reduces downtime, costs and carbon emissions.  

Girolamo Panepinto, Toscotec Start-up & Service Software Engineer, says: “YES-CONNECT-VISION is perfectly suited for trouble-shooting service, on-remote factory acceptance tests, and commissioning tests. Customers can also use it for one on one training at the customer site, or group training from the Toscotec factory floor. For instance, a Toscotec engineer could demonstrate a maintenance task with up to 11 remote connected viewers. With price-competitive service subscriptions, paper mills can get 24/7, worry-free service. We are simply a phone call away from the solution to their technical problem.”

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Girolamo Panepinto, Toscotec Start-up & Service Software Engineer,


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