Toscotec to supply two TADVISION machines to Hengan Group in China


Toscotec will supply two TADVISION® tissue machines to Hengan International Group at its Shandong and Hunan mills in China. Toscotec’s TADVISION® line is designed to ensure superior bulk, softness and absorbency. With this order, Hengan breaks through the barrier of conventional and textured tissue in the Chinese market, aiming to manufacture top quality structured tissue with the highest bulk, softness and absorbency properties. The start-up is scheduled for 2022. 

The new lines will be the first real TAD (Through Air Drying) machines manufacturing structured tissue to be installed in China. The Fujian-based Chinese Group is thus set to lead the transformation of the Chinese tissue market towards top quality tissue. 

Both TADVISION® machines will have a trim width of 3,650 mm and an annual production capacity of over 40,000 tons. 

This project strengthens the cooperation between Toscotec and Hengan International Group, who in 2017 successfully fired up two Toscotec-supplied MODULO-PLUS ES tissue lines at its Changji mill in Xinjiang province. 

Hui Lin Chit, CEO of Hengan Group, says, “Hengan always pursues innovation and top quality products; as a result, it leads the development of the Chinese tissue and hygiene market. After scrupulous evaluation, we selected Toscotec as the partner to support us to achieve our new target.” 

Alessandro Mennucci, CEO of Toscotec, says, “We are very pleased to partner with Hengan on this strategic project. Toscotec’s new TADVISION® machine represents the cutting-edge technology they need to bring about a historical change in the Chinese market.”

Michael Zhao, General Manager of Toscotec Paper Machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., says, “The Chinese tissue market has been tackling the issue of overcapacity in recent years. Our latest TADVISION® machine will enable Hengan to manufacture a completely differentiated and top quality product. This will allow them to both set apart from the fierce red ocean competition of conventional tissue, and to open up and lead an entirely new, blue ocean structured tissue market.” 

About Hengan Group 
Founded in 1985, Hengan International Group is a leading Chinese tissue manufacturer. According to the latest Chinese market report issued by CNHPIA (China National Household Paper Industry Association), with over 20 billion RMB (2019), Hengan ranks first for revenue among China’s listed tissue producers and it holds a second place in China’s annual capacity ranking with 1.482 million tons/year. First listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 1998, it is officially part of the Hang Seng Index constituent stocks from 2011. In 2016, Hengan Group and its CEO, Hui Lin Chit, were respectively awarded the International Carbon-Value Award and the Carbon-Value Innovator Award by the World Economic and Environmental Conference for their outstanding performance in low-carbon, green and sustainable development. From 2016 to 2019, Hui Lin Chit was included in China's Top 100 CEOs list by the Harvard Business Review.

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