The TT SYD Technology Center is located in Massa, 50 km from Lucca, a location chosen for its easy seaport access for quick overseas shipments.

The attention to the quality of raw materials and processes plays an essential role in the manufacturing industry and Toscotec has decided to dedicate a technology center to the design and production of the heart of a tissue machine: the Steel Yankee Dryer – TT SYD.

All TT SYDs are produced here.

The architectural heart of the facility is the central hall that houses all the stages of the production line: 180m long, 40m wide overall and up to 18m high.  From metalworking and precision mechanical processing to thermal treatment in a 10m x 10m oven, all the tests and stamps are made on site according to European (PED), American (ASME), Chinese (CSEI) and Japanese (JIS) regulations.  Toscotec can produce TT SYDs up to 26FT. The new center also houses technical and production offices, as well as a conference room and lounge for customers.

The importance of this Center is strategic not only from the production side but also from the logistic side. The facility is located 3 km from the seaport of Marina di Carrara (MS). It allows quick and easy shipments, reducing costs and delivery times.

We got the target: to increase efficiency and ensure the best product worldwide.