Paper and Board

Toscotec Paper & Board Division activities cover all paper grades including packaging, liner board, fine paper and specialty papers with dedicated resource.

Lead the way to Your performance.

The “TT” product line was developed to be a state-of-the-art machine concepts engineered to be flexible with features tailored for each specific application.

  • Innovative, continuous improvement; we like to learn from our experience and from our customers.
  • Flexible and Tailored to the customer’s needs and application.
  • Reliable, to ensure a long operating life, with focus on efficiency and productivity.

Toscotec, as part of the Voith Group, also has access to a large portfolio of products and technological resources, gaining access to a wide range of expertise and knowledge in the papermaking industry.

Paper and Board


Toscotec’s headbox line can satisfy all customer needs in terms of production, quality and specific application.

Forming Section

State-of-the-art drainage equipment is properly configured on a Toscotec fourdrinier to reach the best quality results.

Press Section

Tailored press technologies, inlcuding Shoe Press, according to the applications.

Drying Section

The most famous well-proven TT SteelDryer and drive concepts.

Online sizing and calendering

Surface improvement solutions for a stronger paper

Tail Feeding System

The perfect tool for new machines or to improve the efficiency and safety of an existing line.

Reel Section

Section Quality rolls for rewinder operation.

Toscotec is a Voith company