Toscotec to supply three tissue rebuild projects


Toscotec will deliver three tissue machine rebuilds located at different mills to a confidential global producer. 

Toscotec will rebuild the drying sections of two tissue machines, as well as the wet end and winding sections of another machine. The drying section rebuilds include the supply of two Toscotec’s third-generation-design TT SYD Steel Yankee Dryers, steam and condensate systems, and high efficiency TT Hoods, including one newly optimized combustion system. The energy efficiency given by the integration of the steel Yankee and the hoods will result in a significant reduction of the tissue machines’ thermal consumption. 
The other project requires the modification of the approach flow and fiber recovery systems and the complete rebuild of the machine’s wire and pope reel sections
The provision of expert services, including engineering, dismantling of old equipment, erection, commissioning, start-up, and training, ensures a complete package for the rebuilds.

Since the start-up of its first TT SYD in 2000, Toscotec is the forerunner and world leading manufacturer of Steel Yankee Dryers boasting close to 230 TT SYDs sold and over 200 currently operating in five continents. 
These two new TT SYDs will replace the mills’ existing Yankee dryers. Toscotec holds the record as the manufacturer who supplied all of the SYD replacements that took place in Europe to date.

Riccardo Gennai, Toscotec Sales Manager, says: “We take pride in the continuous evolution of TT SYD. Toscotec started up the first steel Yankee dryer in the tissue industry. TT SYD’s third-generation design enhances the machine’s drying performance and energy efficiency to a degree that it really makes us stand out in the market.” 

For further information, please contact:
Riccardo Gennai, Sales Manager, Toscotec Tissue division,


Toscotec is a Voith company